Wedding photography is one of the most rewarding genres of photography. To be witness to the incredible emotions on such a special day is a blessing. Capturing those moments so they are forever remembered, for us, is a true honour.

The bride and groom, Mr & Mrs Hofford, are particularly special friends to us. We have been photographing their growing family for a number of years.

Lee & Shelly enjoyed a long engagement. Upon finding the perfect venue (Crondon Park) they decided to embarked upon a truly amazing venture planing their entire wedding in just 11 weeks from start to finish.  You would have never known, Shelly had everything planned to the last detail.  

Lee and Shelly are two of the most loving and amazing people we have had the pleasure to meet, the love they feel for each other is clear for all to see.  The day was truly full of smiles and laughter. The families joy for them was a beautiful sight. Shelly’s farther was in tears through out the ceremony. During his speech, the guests learned about the dreadful hay fever he had been suffering from all day ( a tall story if you ask us).

We take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to Mr & Mrs Hofford


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