Last weekend we were invited to shoot with Paul of PVSVIDEOS ( The set was expertly presented thanks to Russell at the Marconi club.

Over the years Paul has developed his sound and video package to deliver what we consider to be a very high end result. He is continuing to add to his already hi-value package and has now asked us to provide stills. These can be used to advertise and promote bands in an already competitive market place which requires promotional material that stands out from the crowd.


The band was Hot Sauce (Hot Sauce Facebook Link) performing their chosen tracks for the days promo video.
We feel compelled to recommend this friendly, funny and versatile band. Taking pictures is so much more enjoyable when the music is excellent.

We made a change to our normal setup by not only taking images throughout the performance but also staging a small portrait shoot after.  The end result provides the band with a video and image package from PVSvideos (PVS Facebook Link) and ourselves that can be used online and with physical promotional material.


hotsauce-001 hotsauce-004 hotsauce-010 hotsauce-011 hotsauce-002 hotsauce-012 hotsauce-014 hotsauce-019 hotsauce-018


We look forward to the next time.



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